This weekend was about surprises. And about happy moments. Many of them. I was in search for the perfect autumn getaway and found myself on the way to Switzerland. Probably, the most famous mountain in Europe drew me into the village of Zermatt. The Matterhorn, also known because of the delicious chocolate version of it, … More Surprise

Soup of the Day

This is how it feels when one of the most important things in your life are taken away. You feel naseous, dizzy, head aches as if someone slammed you against a door, dry throat, emptiness. This is what happened to me last week. I was forced to quit the love of my life that made … More Soup of the Day

The most boring question after vacation?

We all are guilty of asking the most boring question on earth: “How was your vacation?” So here are some alternatives that I personally like. What was your favorite restaurant? What was the most different from our country? What surprised you most? Which activities could you experience? Did you have the chance to meet some locals? What … More The most boring question after vacation?

Hakuna Matata

Africa and the circle of life. Disney’s movie made musical is the perfect start into a journey i never thought I would long for so much. I was treated to a night out and a visit to the Lion king musical as an “apero” to my small africa adventure. I have been captured bu the beauty … More Hakuna Matata


My firsts during the last week. Queueing at the train station to buy a ticket for one hour WITHOUT turning completely insane. Watching a men pee (yes, pee!) in the train and it was not the toilet. What are people thinking? Attending the infamous Swedish tradition of crab eating. So delicious and messy that it … More Firsts.